Celtic Frozen Drinks offers the healthier slush for its customers...

Fantastic range of 100% fruit juice concentrate slush drinks...

In the Spring of 2013 CELTIC FROZEN DRINKS introduced Snow Fruit Slush to accompany its ever popular Snow Slush brand. This launch was dedicated to specifically increase their soft drinks revenue throughout the UK while also being able to offer the Healthier Slush to its customers.

The company is now embarking on a strategic campaign - capitalising on their prominent status in the leisure, education and retail market place in order to promote their brands throughout the UK.

Great Choice Of Flavours
* Strawberry
* Lemon and Lime
* Orange and Pineapple
* Fruit Cherry Cola
* Berry Blast
* Limited Edition Flavours
* Mango and Passion Fruit
* Orange and Passion Fruit
* Blueberry and Pear
POS Benefits
* One of your 5 a day
* No artificial colours or flavours
* Made from 100% fruit*
* Schools compliant
* STS Audited for the Public Sector
* 24 hour emergency call out service
  *Made from concentrate