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Posted 1st November 2019 


In November 2019 Celtic Frozen Drinks launched some exciting new brands. Firstly it’s New Carbonated Slush brand Soda slush. After extensive research and an ever increasing demand for the product, the decision was made to add this type of product to the companies growing portfolio. 
The second launch saw HERSHEY’S FREEZE added to it’s portfolio with Celtic Frozen Drinks becoming the UK Distributor. HERSHEY’S trademark and trade dress are used under license. 
Thirdly the ever popular JOLLY RANCHERS SLUSH was also added to the portfolio as Celtic Frozen Drinks became the UK Distributor and will feature the JOLLY RANCHERS brand in both Carbonated and non carbonated slush alongside its current brands Snow slush and Soda Slush. JOLLY RANCHER trademark and trade dress are used under license. 
Gareth Dunning, Celtic Frozen Drinks Sales Director: “With continued changes in market trend’s, it is essential that we continue to move, develop and bring new and exciting products to our current and potential customer base”. 
“ The introduction of these brands and what they can deliver will bring something new and exciting to the frozen drinks market, the demand has been staggering and each brand offers something unique in its own way “ 
“ We are excited with the new product launches and our company statement has never been clearer as we continue to develop and improve “ 
Posted 18th March 2019 


Many of our customers already have the reusable twister cup but the New Eco Reusable cup is a more cost effective option that will become part of our range from March 2019.  
It saves our customer the cup cost each time it is used and is also more beneficial for the environment. This is a win win situation, we see this as the future… 
Posted 18th June 2019 


Celtic Frozen Drinks is continually looking at ways to help the environment, we currently offer our customers a paper straw option but in Summer 2019 we will take things to a new level and are very excited to be launching a unique product “The Paper Spoon Straw “ it is tried and tested and this Introduction will replace our current plastic spoon straw. 
Paper straws are by far the most environmentally-friendly option available. Paper straws breakdown quickly (they start to breakdown within three days if they end up in our oceans), and are compostable. 
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