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Included in this section will be everything you need to know in regards to your Caress or Skyline machine over-freezing or under-freezing. Please find listed below a summary of what is spoke about in this page: 
Common Causes 
Quick fixes and solutions 
Additional support 


Incorrect mixture - This is one of the most reported reasons on why the slush machine bowls will over-freeze, and it is caused by using too much syrup and not enough water or too much water and not enough product when measuring out your syrup / powder slush mixture. 
Chill and Freeze mode - On either a Skyline or Caress machine there will be a switch panel which allows the user to turn the machines to "freeze" or"chill". Over-freezing will be seen when both machines are being kept on "freeze" mode for long periods of time (24 hours +). 
Unclean filter or condeser - The filter and condenser can be located on the left-hand side of both Skyline and Caress machines. If these were to get blocked (usually by dust and small particles), it can cause the slush mixture to under-freeze. 


Incorrect mixture - This can simply be resolved by empyting any product that has been mixed incorrectly from each bowl and create a new batch. It is important to follow the instructions on the mixing bottles that arrives with bundle orders, or mixing bottles can be purchased through our online website.  
In addition, you can also find a video demonstration on our installation video links (please request for this video through the following email address: orders@celticfrozendrinks.co.uk 
** PLEASE NOTE - It is crucial that the correct mixing bottles are ordered for the brand you are stocking (Jolly Rancher, Snow Slush and Hershey's Freeze) as each product requires different and specific mixing ratios ** 
Chill and Freeze mode - To avoid over-freezing, it is important that your machine(s) are set to chill mode for a minimum of 4 hours. Please see below a diagram which reveals the correct way to use your switch for the two modes: 
Unclean filter or condenser - A simple fix on this problem would be to remove the filter panel which is located on the left-hand side of the Skyline machine (Caress machines do not have filters, they only have condensers which is located on the left-hand side). Once removed use a brissel bruch on both the panel and condenders to remove any dust or particles that could cause blockage. This can be completed once a month. 


If these quick-fixes and solutions do not help with the faults you are experiencing, or if you seek advice and have any further questions, please call the telephone number below and select OPTION 2 to speak to one of our experienced and educated engineer's: 
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