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Included in this section will be everything you need to know in regards to noises that your Caress or Skyline may be making. Please find listed below a summary of what is spoke about in this page: 
Common Sounds 
Quick fixes and solutions 
Additional support 


Squeaking - If this noise occurs then it is usually caused by dry front seals.  
Clicking - This noise is nothing to be alarmed about and is considered normal in Skyline machines. The clicking noise inidicates that everything is running correctly and can appear louder or quieter in different machines. However, if clicking sounds become different or louder then it may indicate that there is built up ice on the auger or bowl. 
Grinding - On a skyline machine there is normally one cause if the machine begins to make a grinding noise and this is down to the gearmotor not turning.  


The Caress machine is designed to operate on a minimum noise level, meaning it should not click, squeak or grind. If your Caress machine is making any of these noises listed or a different sound then please call our "Report a fault" (OPTION 2) line on 01443 800318 and an engineer will provide assistance. 


Squeaking - An easy and quick fix on this would be to remove any product from the slush machine bowls and remove the seals. If they are worn down then we would recommend to purchase new ones but if they are in good condition, re-grease these with food-safe lubricant and place back onto the machine to continue using. 
Clicking - As mentioned previously, a cicking noise is considered normal on this machine as it indicates everything is working correctly. If this sound becomes louder or you have identified large pieces of ice on either the auger or bowl, then a solution would be to ensure that your machine is having a minimum of four hours chill time. 
Grinding - Please call our engineering line to discuss further with the following contact details: 01443 800318 (OPTION 2) 


If these quick-fixes and solutions do not help with the faults you are experiencing, or if you seek advice and have any further questions, please call the telephone number below and select OPTION 2 to speak to one of our experienced and educated engineer's: 
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