Snow Slush is a hugely popular ice drink with a huge profit margin that sells itself. Made using only the finest natural ingredients, Snow Slush is a quality assured product and you are safe in the knowledge that your customer is receiving the very best product on the market. We don’t use low quality ingredients, we ensure every batch is manufactured to a very high standard.

WE DON'T use any SOUTHAMPTON SIX COLOURS also known as AZO DYES in our products. We use sugar and a small percentage of sweeteners ensuring your customers get the very best product and taste and will return for more. Our new formulated recipe will ensure that you will AVOID THE NEW SUGAR TAX that is being Introduced in April 2018.

* Great range of iced slush drinks
* Premium product
* Premium equipment
* Premium Service but not at a
Premium Price
* New recipe avoids Sugar Tax
Great Choice Of Flavours
* Blue Raspberry
* Strawberry
* Lemon and Lime
* Pink Bubble Gum
* Fruit Cherry Cola
* Limited Edition Flavours
POS Benefits
* Freezer unit free on loan
* High visibility branded equipment
* Regular call cycle visits
* 24 hour emergency call out service
* Only approved colours
* No Southampton Six Colours